When to Trim Trees? The Perfect Trimming Season

It’s a common question among gardeners and homeowners: When is the best time to trim trees? Understanding your trees’ needs is essential because improper pruning can cause serious damage or even death. Maintaining the health of your outdoor space with tree services and knowing when to trim your trees is a must to keep them thriving. Here are some tips on when you should (and shouldn’t) trim your trees.

Best Moment to Trim Trees

best moment to trim trees

Winter is the dormant season for trees and other plants, lasting from November to March. With a few exceptions, the colder months are ideal for pruning the bulk of trees. Here are some factors that make this season perfect for trimming them:

  1. There is better visibility to remove the dead branches since they have no leaves.
  2. Proper wound closure becomes paramount as late winter transitions into a spring growth spurt. Effective wound closure is vital to successful tree pruning as it safeguards against the spread of decay within the tree.
  3. During winter, pests or insects are less likely to invade your tree.

Can You Trim Trees in the Summer?

It is advised to avoid trimming trees in the summer. During this period, trees are highly active and experiencing growth. Trimming during this time may hinder new growth for the following season. As we mentioned, trimming during winter, when the tree is dormant, is preferable. As the tree is inactive, it will be better protected and promote spring growth!

Pruning trees in the summer may not be the most popular choice, but it can be beneficial with caution. Experienced gardeners often use summer pruning to guide growth and slow down the development of a tree or branch. It can also help prevent branches from falling and causing damage to your property. So, it’s worth considering!

Remember that the cost of every tree care service varies depending on various factors. The tree trimming price depends on your trees’ size and condition. The cost of professional tree trimming services can vary, with an average of approximately $460. Smaller trees may cost as little as $75, while larger trees, like old oaks, could be as high as $1,800.

When Should You Not Trim Trees?

when not to trim trees

It’s generally best to avoid cutting tree branches from spring to early fall. During the summer and early fall (the growing season), trimming tree branches can be quite harmful as it encourages new growth in the tree. However, new growth before the tree enters its natural dormancy can lead to decay, disease, and premature death. So, it’s best to be mindful of the timing when pruning your trees!

Some exceptions to the rules depending on the type of tree are:

  • It is recommended to prune flowering trees that bloom in early spring during the late spring or early summer. By doing so, one can avoid cutting off the new growth these trees produce during the summer when they develop new buds. Pruning before this stage ensures trees flourish and maintain natural beauty throughout the year.
  • Subtropical trees, however, defy this rule. With ample sunlight and milder climates, these trees can be pruned throughout the year, unaffected by cold and harsh weather conditions.

What if You Need a Tree Removal?

remaining logs from chopped tree

Consider whether you need a tree removal if you need more than just pruning. Tree removal is generally needed when trees are severely damaged, diseased, or pose a safety hazard. In these cases, it’s best to consult an arborist who can assess the situation and advise on the best course of action to remove the dead tree.

A professional arborist can also safely remove the tree from your property without causing harm or damage. Remember that a reliable tree service company will remove all the debris and leftover wood from your property. If you require assistance with tree trimming or removal, hiring a reputable tree service company that can safely and effectively provide the services you require is advisable.

Keep Your Trees Thriving All Over the Year!

Knowing when to trim your trees is essential for maintaining their health and beauty. While winter is the best season for pruning, summer pruning can be beneficial if done cautiously. It’s important to remember that you should never trim trees during the growing season (spring to early fall) as it can affect the tree’s growth in the following seasons and cause damage to your tree.

We at Pacific Landscaping and Tree Service provide all the tree services needed to keep your trees thriving all year! With years of experience and expertise, you can trust that your trees are in good hands. Providing services in Monterey and all of the central coast of California, our family-owned business is here to help. Call us today, and let’s start making the outdoor space of your dreams!

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Contact our landscaping team today for an honest and accurate quote for your next landscaping project.

Paradise Is Possible

Contact our landscaping team today for an honest and accurate quote for your next landscaping project.