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Affordable Artificial Turf Installations in Monterey and Santa Cruz

Not everybody can grow, care for, and upkeep a supremely green lawn. Whether it’s time, skill, location, weather, or wear; getting the perfect lawn isn’t always easy.

If you have a patchy lawn or you’d simply like to level-up the appeal and reduce your garden maintenance expectations, getting artificial turf installed is often the perfect way to do this, and more.We can help with the planning and installation of a variety of artificial grasses and turf for homes and businesses alike. Because we are experienced turf installers in Monterey and beyond; we know exactly what to do, and get the job done efficiently, every time.

If you’d like to ask us about the best type of turf to buy in Monterey, or you’d like a quote for a local turf installation, then our team will be very happy to give you the information you need.

Benefits of artificial turf installation

Save Time

Using artificial grass in your home or business doesn’t just benefit the environment. It looks amazing, it’s incredibly easy to maintain, and you get a product that can withstand the test of time as well.
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Save Money

Another great reason why artificial turf installations are so good, is because they’re incredibly flexible too. If you need to make changes, you won’t have to pay out unnecessarily for the entire patch to be replaced. Also, because they’re long-lasting, and there is no ongoing maintenance required, you get great value for money too.

So, if you fancy avoiding having to mow, weed, edge, and generally maintain a real lawn, consider our Monterey artificial turf installations. They cost less than you might think, and over the years, will save you and your family a lot of time!

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No Yard Maintenance Equipment Needed

As you no longer need to tend to your lawn, the garage space is all yours again. So, not only will you have the nicest lawn on the block but the cleanest garage too!
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Great For Kids And Pets

Artificial turf is just as fun to play on, if not more fun, than grass. Kids love it, and scrubbing out grass stains is a thing of the past! Kids can run in a sprinkler, play tag, or do any other activity they would normally do on a natural lawn.

Artificial turf is even safe for pets! No more dealing with pesky dead spots where they ‘do’ their business.How many more reasons do you need before you ask Pacific Landscaping & Tree Service to install an artificial lawn in Monterey for you?

Remember, artificial turf is not just for the home. It can be installed at a business too. We even create and build putting greens and volleyball courts too.

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