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Our experienced team has decades of experience of Central Coast landscaping from masonry to tree service.

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Our team offers custom landscaping solutions that create paradise at your home at an affordable price.  We’ve worked with homeowners all across the Central Coast with yards of all shapes and budgets of all sizes. We will help you enhance the look of your property and help you design the desired look and feel for your yard.


At Pacific, our team know exactly how to create stunning outdoor spaces using a combination of plants, decorative features, and optimizing all of the available area. Our team of experts can design and install masonry, concrete, or fencing elements that perfectly compliment the aesthetics of your property, while remaining compliant with all local guidelines. The collective experience of our teams means we can offer practical suggestions about the best way to utilize plants that add beauty and charm to your space, while also serving practically by providing shade, controlling erosion, and minimizing irrigation needs.
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Our team will ensure that your trees and shrubs are located at appropriate spots to provide shade and windbreaks, depending on the season. We’ll also schedule pruning and trimming to eliminate property hazards and improve the trees’ appearance and health. Our professionals will remove unwanted trees and shrubs without damage to surrounding features.
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Yard Maintenance Monterey & Santa Cruz

Our essential yard maintenance service covers all aspects of care for your lawn. From mowing, weeding, trimming, sprinkler repair, and even lot clearing; our team can handle it all on your behalf. Our Monterey lawn care services include a year-round schedule to make sure we look after the changing needs of your lawn throughout the seasons. So, regardless of the time of year, you can use and feel proud of your outdoor space.

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Artificial TURF

Besides the savings for our earth and your pocket book, by installing an artificial turf lawn, you will save yourself the headache, time, and inconvenience of caring for a natural lawn. No longer will your weekends be spent mowing, weed-whacking, edging, and more and you won’t need to pop your allergy pills to get you through the day either. With a turf lawn, you can sit back and relax while your neighbors waste away their summer attempting to make their lawn as nice as yours. They can attempt all they want, but your lawn will look meticulously manicured day in and day out.
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Businesses don’t always consider the needs of their trees while maintaining the rest of their properties, but there are lots of reasons to make sure that a business is surrounded by professionally maintained trees. Healthy, well-groomed trees can draw clients to a business with their attractiveness without detracting from the businesses themselves. These well-maintained trees also in no way impede clients from entering a business, and they don’t present a safety hazard in the form of falling branches and limbs.
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We are a family owned and operated company with years of experience that you can trust. We’ve built our reputation on quality landscaping and hardscaping services in Monterey, and all of Santa Cruz. We’ll work with you to bring your vision to life and create your landscaping based on your taste and style.

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