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Tree Removal 101: What Happens After Your Tree Is Cut Down?

Tree services are the ideal way to help maintain your tree’s thriving. Tree service companies specialize in tree care, including pruning, trimming, and removal. When it comes to overhanging branches, tree service professionals can assess the situation, determine the best course of action, and safely remove or trim the branches as needed. 

Knowing the appropriate tools, techniques, and timing is crucial to ensure the tree’s health is not compromised. 
Various situations can cause you to end up with branches and debris on your property. When tree services trim or remove trees, they are left with logs, branches, and other woody debris. In this blog, we will discuss who is responsible when there is an overhanging branch and some solutions to eliminate the waste from a tree service.

Who Is Responsible for Cutting Overhanging Tree Branches?

The responsibility for trimming overhanging tree branches depends on the tree’s location and any relevant local laws or rules. Knowing who is responsible for tree maintenance in your area can help you keep your property and the surrounding area safe and well-maintained.

If you have a tree trunk, you must keep it well-maintained. This includes ensuring that the tree is healthy and no known hazards are associated.

Cases That This May Not Apply

There are some cases where the rule mentioned earlier doesn’t apply. For instance, if the tree is situated on public property, like a park or median, it’s generally the responsibility of the government or municipality to take care of it. Also, if the tree is located on a common property line, such as a fence, both property owners may be responsible for its maintenance.

Local ordinances or homeowner association rules may determine who is responsible for cutting overhanging tree branches. For example, a homeowner association may have guidelines regarding tree maintenance that specify who should cut branches hanging over into a neighbor’s yard.

Options to Get Rid of Tree Waste

tree waste

When it comes to dealing with the waste from a tree service, there are several options available, such as:

  • Firewood: The wood can be cut into pieces and used as firewood for the colder months. This is also a sustainable option to keep yourself warm.
  • Mulch: Branches and debris can be ground up and used as mulch in the garden to help provide nutrients for plants and soil.
  • Compost: The woody material can be composted and used as a valuable soil amendment.
  • Recycle: Some cities or counties offer programs to recycle woody debris from tree services.
  • Donate: You can donate the woody material to local organizations that need it for building projects or other uses.

When selecting a tree service company, it’s crucial to consider their dedication to thoroughly removing debris and cleaning woody materials from your property. Keep in mind that there may be additional charges based on the company’s policies. 

If you need assistance with tree trimming or removal, it’s advisable to hire a reputable company that can ensure the safe and efficient completion of your required tasks.

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Tree services, such as pruning, trimming, and removal, can help maintain tree health and remove hazardous branches. They can also help you safely remove overhanging tree branches that have become a safety hazard for you or the community.
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