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Why Stump Removal Is Important When Removing a Tree

Is it really necessary to remove a stump after a tree has been cut down, or can it just be left there to rot? This is a fair question we’re answering here.

Is it really necessary to remove a stump after a tree has been cut down, or can it just be left there to rot? This is a fair question, and in most cases, Certified Arborists will tell you that yes, stump removal is important when removing a tree.

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Leaving a stump to rot after a tree has been cut down can result in various issues, including safety and liability, unwanted tree growth, and an invasion of insects or disease. Tree stumps can also detract from curb appeal. 

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Tree Stumps are a Liability

Roots growing from a tree stump can be a hazard to the health of your neighbors and visitors. Children at play, or friends walking through your yard could trip over the stump or roots and injure themselves. 

Soil around a stump will eventually settle, causing ground depressions. These depressions can also cause someone to trip or fall and injure themselves. 

Additionally, if you or a mowing service hit the stump when mowing your lawn, equipment may need to be repaired. This, as well as the potential injuries to your guests, can be an expensive lesson learned. 

Tree Stumps and Unwanted Growth

Once a tree has been removed, if the stump remains, new growth can occur. This new growth, especially in the root system, can be destructive to your yard, sewer lines, water pipes, and concrete areas. 

New growth is capable of depleting nutrients in the ground, which can lead to poor lawn and plant growth. Your grass is the most vulnerable to this nutrient depletion.

This is because grass dies easily when it lacks water, and as you water the grass in the area of a stump, the new growth on the stump takes all the water from the grass.

You’re left with dead grass and a stump full of new growth you didn’t bargain for. 

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Tree Stumps Harbor Insects and Disease

Tree stumps attract insects and disease. This is bad news for all surrounding trees and wood structures.

Termites, for example, can live in a tree stump. Upon outgrowing the stump as their home, it isn’t uncommon for them to decide to move on to your house. Carpenter ants, wood boring beetles, and other pests are attracted to decaying tree stumps.

If a tree stump becomes infested by insects and/or diseased, any trees nearby are susceptible to that same infestation and disease. Nearby structures are at risk of serious damage if wood-destroying insects infiltrate your tree stump. 

Stump removal may be a worthy investment when it comes to considering the cost of potential damage and replacement of surrounding structures and healthy trees. 

Tree Stumps Are Ugly

There’s no simpler way to say it. Tree stumps are doing nothing for your property’s curb appeal.

Unless your tree stump is a work of art, no one is noticing it with an appreciative eye (other than insects and disease).

A stump is just not adding any positive value to the beauty of your home. 

Finding a Tree Stump Removal Service

Removal of tree stumps can reduce liability issues on your property, improve your property’s appearance, and remove some insect/disease concerns.

Given the cost some of these issues could incur, tree stump removal potentially saves you much time and money. 

Sometimes location can make it difficult to remove a tree stump, but whenever possible, have a tree service perform stump grinding or stump removal. 

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