Is it really necessary to remove a stump after a tree has been cut down, or can it just be left there to rot?  This is a fair question we’re answering here.

Roots growing from a tree stump can be a hazard to the health of your neighbors and visitors.  Children at play, or friends walking through your yard could trip over the stump or roots and injure themselves.

Tree Stumps are a Liability

Once a tree has been removed, if the stump remains, new growth can occur.  This new growth, especially in the root system, can be destructive to your yard, sewer lines, water pipes, and concrete areas.

Tree Stumps and Unwanted Growth

Tree stumps attract insects and disease. This is bad news for all surrounding trees and wood structures.

Tree Stumps Harbor Insects and Disease

There’s no simpler way to say it. Tree stumps are doing nothing for your property’s curb appeal.   Unless your tree stump is a work of art, no one is noticing it with an appreciative eye (other than insects and disease). A stump is just not adding any positive value to the beauty of your home.

Tree Stumps Are Ugly

Pay attention to these areas, as they can be indicative of: lack of nutrients, lack of water, animal damage, poor pruning, pesticide damage, insect infiltration, or disease.

Full, No Bare Patches

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