The best time to prune your fruit trees will largely depend on your goals. If you want to try and encourage a younger fruit tree to flourish or perhaps, you’re trying to decrease the size of an overgrown tree, then understanding the right time of year to prune your fruit trees is crucial.

For some fruit trees, the Summer is a good time to do pruning.  Unlike during the Springtime, when there is a large stockpile of nutrients built-up, your fruit trees will not grow as quickly as a direct result of the pruning.  As such, this can enable you to reduce the size of any larger trees. Even if you’ve already done some pruning in early Spring or during the Winter, you can continue to prune in the Summer.

Is the Summer a good time to prune fruit trees?

Springtime pruning will not spur on growth as much as Winter pricing would, but it is not without its benefits.  By the time Spring arrives, most fruit trees will have started to use-up their stores of energy in order to fuel the growth of their shoots, leaves, and blossoms. If you want to make a larger tree more compact, springtime pruning is best.

Is Spring a good time to prune fruit trees?

Generally, pruning in the Autumn isn’t recommended, particularly for those living in cooler conditions.

Is Autumn a good time to prune fruit trees?

During the Winter, you’ll find it much easier to prune your fruit trees.  Not least because they are free from flowers, leaves, and fruit, but because the structure of the tree will be far easier to see as well. Generally speaking, the later you can wait, the better.

Is Winter a good time to prune fruit trees?

Diseased fruit trees aren’t uncommon. However, it’s important to know that you can prune a diseased fruit tree at any time of year; without having to worry about any additional injury.

When is the best time to prune a diseased fruit tree?

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