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Tree Trimming and Shaping Service in Monterey

Tree Trimming

With our weather and location, we live in an "urban forest." We have beautiful natural trees as well as landscape trees. Trees and other plants grow vigorously here, and that's why tree shaping and trimming is important to home and business owners. People often refer to tree trimming as "pruning." This is part of the tree trimming process, but we perform an entire range of services to trim and shape trees, from peeling palm trees to rejuvenating cypress trees to their full beauty.


There are three reasons to trim and shape trees:


1. Maintain Tree Health
First, proper trimming helps to maintain tree health and proper growth. Tree shaping and trimming can help prevent tree diseases and reduces problems with decay, and are essential parts of tree and landscape maintenance.


2. Safety 
Second, untrimmed trees can be hazardous in any storm or wind. Falling branches can cause injury and damage to people and property. Untrimmed trees can also interfere with fences or encroach on a neighbor's property. You may also find you need to trim trees to allow vehicles to park, or make room for power lines or other access to your home.


3. Beauty and Appearance
Third, the beauty of your landscaping and home relies on beautiful, properly trimmed trees. Not only does trimming and thinning improve the tree itself, it allows light to reach your lawn and other garden plants. This allows your whole yard and landscaping to thrive and complement your home.


Palm Trees

Palms enhance our yards and give us the distinctive California look. They also require special care. The fronds are removed in a process called tree peeling. When done expertly, palm tree peeling removes shaggy, dead fronds to create beautiful, sophisticated trees that will continue to grow tall and strong.


Other Services

It may sometimes be necessary to remove a tree to preserve the health of other plants in the yard, improve your landscaping, or because of ongoing safety issues. We can quickly and easily remove unwanted trees without harming other parts of your landscape or yard. You may also have stumps in your yard that are unsightly and also causing safety hazards. Stump grinding is another one of our specialties, removing stumps quickly and efficiently.

Tree Trimming and Shaping Service in Monterey, CA
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