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Monterey Bay Area Yard Maintenance

Yard Maintenance Service in Monterey

Taking care of yard maintenance is an important responsibility for ensuring that a property maintains its exterior vitality. Nature necessitates that all property owners complete some degree of yard maintenance on a regular basis, but this can require a significant time investment. Property owners, therefore, should consider working with a professional to make sure that maintenance gets done right with minimal hassle.

Yard Maintenance

General yard maintenance is required of all homeowners and businesses, so it is important to manage this inevitable responsibility with minimal cost. Cutting lawns is one of our company's key services due to the time this activity requires from all property owners. As part of our lawn care package, we carefully trim around edges and leave lawns with a professionally cut look. We can also complete seasonal maintenance, such as collecting leaves, removing dead plants, and fertilizing. Our professional yard maintenance services ensure that homeowners and businesses get the most out of their property throughout the year.

Sprinkler Systems

California's dry spells necessitate the use of sprinkler systems that distribute consistent water flows to plants under any weather conditions. We can help homeowners and businesses develop plans for a new sprinkler system. Furthermore, our team is trained to install sprinkler systems and carry out all associated responsibilities, such as obtaining a city permit, working with local water companies, and conducting maintenance once the job is complete.

Lot Clearing

Overgrowth naturally emerges over time. Since overgrowth problems will eventually have to be dealt with at some point in time, property owners should get lot clearing responsibilities out of the way as soon as overgrowth emerges to start enjoying a well-trimmed property as soon as possible. Whether trimming the hedges or deforesting a whole lot, our team can complete almost any lot clearing responsibility.

Poison Oak Removal

Poison oak and poison ivy can give children and pets severe rashes that can affect their entire bodies. In fact, poison oak rashes can become so severe that victims may have to be hospitalized, and this can create the potential for legal liability. Permanently eliminating poison oak, therefore, is generally recommended for property owners. Our team can remove existing poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac while applying treatments to prevent these harmful plants from coming back.

Getting Professional Assistance

Homeowners and businesses seeking to keep their properties looking great should consider working with a professional with extensive experience in yard maintenance. Pacific Landscaping & Tree Service offers a full range of yard maintenance services for both residential and commercial clients. Get in touch with Pacific Landscaping & Tree Service today to start enhancing the appearance of your yard.

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