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Landscaping Design in Monterey, CA

Landscape Design in Monterey, CA


As masonry experts, we create custom driveways and patios to meet your unique needs. Upgrading your property with a brick or flagstone surface adds value and interest to your residence or business. Our skills and expertise means your new driveway, patio or walkway in Monterey, CA will be professionally installed for many years of enjoyment and longevity.


Masonry Retaining Walls

Retaining walls serve a practical purpose, but they can also create a beautiful hardscape for your home. Your retaining wall can hold back soil or redirect water, and with a beautiful design, it can enhance your property at the same time. Our knowledgeable team is available to design and install a wide range of stone, masonry and concrete retaining walls for your home or business.


Concrete Installation and Finishes

Not only can we install your practical concrete surface, we can create unique finishes such as sweep, aggregate or stamped patterns. With a beautiful texture enhancing the surface, your simple concrete pad, driveway or walkway becomes a high-end feature of your landscape. Concrete installs quickly to create strong, practical surfaces that last for many years.


Fencing Services

A fence can serve many purposes, including privacy, security and keeping your dog and children safely inside your property. Although it is a practical feature, a fence can also be a beautiful accent for your home. A front-yard fence can give your home or business unique curb appeal, and a backyard fence creates the privacy you need for your outdoor patio or garden sanctuary.


Landscaping Services

Our landscaping design and maintenance services ensure that your home or business will look beautiful all year long. Adding professional landscaping to your property means you can enjoy shade, erosion control, colorful blossoms and increased privacy. A beautifully maintained landscape also adds value to your home, and it makes your business a welcoming place for your clients or customers to visit.


Artificial Turf and Grass Lawns

A beautiful lawn is an essential feature for your home or business. The right type of grass seed and proper maintenance will help your lawn to thrive. If you have poor soil, an absence of sunlight or no access to regular irrigation, the installation of realistic-looking artificial turf can provide you with the verdant look you desire. We provide a variety of grass and artificial turf options to make your property look its best. Learn more.

Landscaping Design Company in Monterey, CA
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