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Tree Thinning and Trimming

Businesses don't always consider the needs of their trees while maintaining the rest of their properties, but there are lots of reasons to make sure that a business is surrounded by professionally maintained trees. Healthy, well-groomed trees can draw clients to a business with their attractiveness without detracting from the businesses themselves. These well-maintained trees also in no way impede clients from entering a business, and they don't present a safety hazard in the form of falling branches and limbs. The landscaping of an entire property can be enhanced by professionally cared for trees, as more light falls on other areas of the property, allowing vegetation growing there to thrive. This is achieved through the process of thinning and trimming. Just as you would turn to a professional stylist for a great cut, professionals should perform this service for your trees. Our trained and certified technicians have the expertise to thin and trim your property's trees, enhancing its appearance and value, and improving the health and lifespans of your trees.


Tree Removal

Sometimes because of age, disease, or insects, it becomes necessary to remove trees completely from a property. We can assist property owners here as well, by safely and effectively bringing down trees without damage to structures or landscaping. Removing a tree means that a stump remains, something that many property owners want gone for safety and landscaping reasons. Our company also offers this service, which includes stump removal, hole fill-in, stump grinding, and all debris removal. It's as though a tree was never there. And while palm trees are an iconic part of this area of California, they do require a certain amount of care to look their best. To this end, we offer "peeling" of these trees, in which dead fronds are removed to aid in healthy growth. We also offer complete removal services for this type of tree as well. 


Masonry & Concrete

In addition to the benefits of professional landscaping and tree-trimming, proper fencing, paving, and walkways are important to a business. Such features make it easier for clients to visit, and add to a property's safety and security, in addition to increasing property values. But such work should always be professionally done and maintained, to make sure that the work is done correctly and avoid future problems. Commercial landscapers are a great choice for such projects. Because of our company's experience with natural landscaping and its equipment, our clients can be assured that such features will be installed and maintained to accommodate sprinkler and other landscaping systems. The result is an attractive, seamless looking property that is both a pleasure to visit and work at.

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