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Artificial Turf Helps The Environment

Did you know that most of the noisy gas powered equipment used to care for a natural lawn puts more than ten times the pollution per hour into the air than a typical automobile? Did you also know that between 30-60 percent of an American family's water consumption is used outdoors? According to the EPA, of that 30-60 percent, as much as 50 percent is wasted due to inefficient irrigation methods and runoff. 

Artificial Turf & Grass Lawn

We can help with the planning and installation of a variety of artificial grasses and turf for residential and commercial purposes. Learn more.


Save Time & Money with Artificial Turf

Besides the savings for our earth and your pocket book, by installing an artificial turf lawn, you will save yourself the headache, time, and inconvenience of caring for a natural lawn. 

No longer will your weekends be spent mowing, weed-whacking, edging, and more and you won't need to pop your allergy pills to get you through the day either. With a turf lawn, you can sit back and relax while your neighbors waste away their summer attempting to make their lawn as nice as yours. They can attempt all they want, but your lawn will look meticulously manicured day in and day out. 


No More Yard Maintenance Equipment

Since you don't have to care for your lawn, the garage is yours again. There is no need to fill your garage with all the equipment needed to compete with the neighbors. Not only will you have the nicest lawn on the block but the cleanest garage too!
Artificial turf is just as fun to play on, if not more fun, than grass. Kids love it, and scrubbing out grass stains is a thing of the past. Kids can run in a sprinkler, play tag, or do any other activity they would normally do on a natural lawn. Artificial turf is even safe for pets! No more dealing with pesky dead spots where they do their business.
How many more reasons do you need before you ask Pacific Landscaping & Tree Service to install yours? Remember, artificial turf is not just for your home. It can be installed at your business too! We even do putting greens and volleyball courts! Save money, time, and space. Save the weekend, and most of all, save the planet. 


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